Monday, 14 June 2010

Don't stop believin!

So... getting ahead of myself, as ever... post-Wherever I Lay My Hat go back to work but don't work Fridays anymore leaving time to chase programmers for a tour (Woah there!) and have regular long weekends in Newcastle to spend more time with Jill (well, who else would I be talking about?).

AND, find a choir. Start singing regularly, perhaps even learn to read music (steady on now!). Perhaps it's just the Glee talking? And all I wanna do is fall in love and dance around my living room except of course, I'm just sitting here writing about it... erm...

I'm giddy and I want my life to change. I want optimism and I want passion and creativity! Above all things. I want to continue to feel like an artist when the show is over.  And I don't want to go back to being an office worker. There, I've said it.

(I would like to point out for the record that I do not however wish to be a Nun. Not that I have anything against Nuns, apart from their bizarre life choices... this is just a pic of when I was helping my friend create his musical Postcard's From God - The Sister Wendy Musical)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Did I mention I'm going to be making some theatre?

Well.. if not perhaps you will forgive me a little shameless self promotion now.

If you hop (get it?) over to Rabbit Damage's website. If you're lucky you might just be the first person to comment on our blog.

We've been busy planning our first show and we go into rehearsals at the beginning of August. In the meantime you can browse our gorgeous pictues as taken by the lovely Mr Anthony Farrimond or find us on Twitter @RabbitDamage.

We're also going to be putting out a call soon for input from as many of you lovely people as possible, gathering thoughts and images of 'home' to integrate into our as yet (and equally frightening and wildly exciting) unmade show.

No doubt this won't be the last time I mention it. Sorry if I get a little boring.